Protect Your People.

Protect Your Business.

Let us protect your people so you can stay focused on your business. Leverage our lone worker safety solutions to keep your people protected and your business compliant.

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Protect Your People. Protect Your Business.

Let us protect your people so you can stay focused on your business.

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North America's most innovative organizations trust SolusGuard to keep their people connected and safe.

A Powerful Suite of Workforce Safety Solutions

When it comes to lone worker safety, being proactive is a must. Equip your people with the tools they need to stay safe – and protect your business from risk.


Workplace Safety App

Tap SOS, timed monitoring, real-time chat and mobile alert management.


Wearable Panic Button

Best-in-class, configurable wearable technology to protect people who work alone.


Enterprise Safety Monitoring

Take control. Effectively manage alerts through our real-time monitoring system. 


Satellite Extender

For remote workers, our satellite extender ensures employees can call for help no matter where they are. 


There are an estimated 31,000 workplace injures every day and 4,500 workplace deaths every year. You need a reliable solution to prevent these incidents from happening.


Configurable Solutions for Enterprise

SolusGuard works with large businesses and government agencies to develop configurable technology solutions for workforce safety. Our technology integrates seamlessly to give you the capabilities you need for alert monitoring and worker protection.

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"SolusGuard has afforded our team a real sense of security while completing their day to day tasks. Strongly recommended, the experience has been great." Sheena Reyes Keslick, VP Operations

MainStreet Equity Corp.

"SolusGuard means peace of mind! In the Property Management industry we give our investors peace of mind that their investment is being managed and that tenants feel safe in their homes. SolusGuard has taken this one step further to provide peace of mind that my employees are safe no matter where they might be." Carla Browne, President

Real Property Management Canada

"SolusGuard has been a great partner in safety. Their technology is industry leading and provides us an advanced level of protection for our team members. Thank you." John Price, Senior Vice President HSE

Avenue Living


Explore SolusGuard's Lone Worker Safety Solutions

Download the SolusGuard Product Guide to learn about the benefits of SolusGuard including detailed product information on our Lone Worker Safety App; Wearable Panic Button; Safety Monitoring; and Satellite Extender.