Enhancing Officer Safety

Field Work is not only risky, it can also be inefficient - It doesn't have to be. SolusGuard ensures that community supervision can be done in a more effective and financially sustainable manner, without putting officer safety at risk.

SolusGuard specializes in field work efficiency and officer safety.

We work with parole and probation organizations, like Corrections Services Canada, Kendall County, Livingston County and more.

The implementation of SolusGuard has notably increased the frequency of field visits by our officers. They appreciate the ease of use and the discreet nature of the device, which doesn't compromise their non-police persona.”

- Alice Elliot, Director at Kendall County Court Services

Field Visit


Replace outdated procedures and increase department capacity through automated processes and instant communication. SolusGuard software can ensure officer field checks are done reliably and efficiently.

Field visit efficiency
Reduce cost



SolusGuard technology is more cost effective than traditional solutions like radios, offering substantial savings for departments. In some situations, doubling up of officers will not be needed, effectively doubling capacity without increasing risk.


Officer Safety

Although training can reduce the risks associated with field visits, it cannot eliminate them entirely. Technology solutions, such as panic buttons, can significantly enhance safety and security, ensuring help is available when needed most.

enhance officer safety
attract and retain officers-1

Attract and Retain


The risk of working in potentially dangerous situations can lead to stressful and sometimes life-threatening encounters, contributing to staff turnover. Implementing effective safety solutions can help attract and retain officers.


Community Trust

SolusGuard’s technology enables officers to send alerts and share locations discreetly. These subtle devices enhance officers' ability to blend in, fostering trust and encouraging open interactions.

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Officer Safety  


SolusGuard comprehensive communications platform is specifically designed for officer safety.

Field Monitoring

The SolusGuard mobile application demonstrates our commitment to customization and user-friendly technology, offering real-time safety monitoring and streamlined communication. Its design automates routine field check-ins and emergency communications.

Wearable Panic Button

Designed for speed and discretion, SolusGuard’s wearable panic button enables officers to send instant alerts in emergencies. Integrated with our mobile safety app and monitoring system, it provides a network of emergency contacts immediate access to employee information (like GPS) for coordinating an emergency response, including placing a call to 911.

Advanced Monitoring

SolusGuard offers advanced monitoring platform for real-time alert management and emergency response. This system provides a network of emergency contacts the ability to continuously monitoring officer emergency, streamlining the handling of check ins and wearable panic button alarms. Utilizing either our mobile and cloud-based platform, teams can respond promptly, accessing real-time data on officer activities and locations.

Satellite Solutions

Recognizing the unique challenges of diverse geographic landscapes, our satellite extender seamlessly transitions between cellular and satellite networks based on signal availability. This ensures officers are reliably connected regardless of where they're located. 


Enhancing Officer Safety in Kendall County With SolusGuard

Download the case study to learn how SolusGuard helped Kendall County increase field visit activity, reduce operational costs, and maintain a civilian-friendly persona without jeopardizing officer safety. 
Kendall County Case Study Cover

How It Works

Watch this short video to see the SolusGuard mobile app and wearable panic button in action.

Protect Your Officers

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